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Edin Durmo
Alpinism and sport climbing instructor

He is the founder and director of SCORPIO. All of his knowledge and experience is a combination of more than 35 years of mountaineering and other sports in the nature. Outside Bosnia and Herzegovina, he has gathered significant international experience: his international CV comprehends the European Alps (he climbed Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, a few peaks in the Dolomites, Matterhorn solo at the age of 16), the Caucasus, Tian Shan (with an ascent to the Han Tengri), Pamir, the Silk Road, Tibet and Himalaya with several ascents above 6,000 meters.

Irijan Durmo
Alpinism guide

Since World Mountaineering Day 2022, the best young alpinist Irian Durmo has started his professional career at Extreme Sports Club Scorpio as an alpinist guide, the first and only one in the club. Fulfilling all the requirements set before him and with respectable results in all branches of quality mountaineering, with a diploma of a registered alpinist and touring-alpinist skier, he signed a professional contract that brings new responsibilities in the work and implementation of Scorpio, but also an obligation to the state of BiH.

Jure Miljak
Skiing and mountaineering instructor

He is Edin’s main climbing partner. In his profession, Jure is physical education teacher. Jure has graduated from the Faculty for Physical Education in Sarajevo, with a unique thesis which explored the very foundation of alpinism and skiing. Together with Edin, Jure is one of the few sport climbing instructors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with whom he has trained and educated more than 200 climbers, skiers, and alpinists in the post-war period. Besides skiing, climbing and alpinism, he is also an active mountain biker, paraglider and kayaker.

Massimo Moratti
Skier, climber, hiker, mountain biker

Massimo came to Bosnia and Herzegovina to work for the international community back in 1996. Just by chance many years ago he put in his suitcase a pair of climbing shoes.It is thanks to those that, in October 1996, he met Edin Durmo and climbed Ilijin Stub on Vlasic mountain. Since then he developed the love for the Bosnian mountains. He is a skier, climber, hiker, mountain biker and thanks to the Club, he discovered the beauty of the canyons of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is actively involved in the promotion and public relations of Scorpio.

Igor Primorac
Lover of nature and sports in the nature

By belief and without compromises, he is in love with nature and sports in the nature. For long time he was a successful member of Zenica Cycling Club and has been in a close contact with the mountaineering club and the extreme sports Club for more than a couple of decades, where he has recently become involved in several roles. Being an allround and experienced sportsman greatly helps in the activities with the Club. Besides his deep involvement in all the programs of the Club, his most valuable contribution is as dynamic webmaster and in his effective promotion of our activities through the web.

Nicole Lewis
Web Devloper

What can we do?

  • Adrenalin Parks

    The adrenaline tower is the starting point of the Adrenaline Park on the trees. A combination of bridges, ladders, vines and other challenges for our guests looking for excitement and healthy fun, is located at a height of about 3 meters above the ground, in a pleasant environment of a hornbeam forest, on the mountain Smetovi. Mastering the adrenaline park is an excellent exercise of balance and coordination, and takes place safely, with the use of safety equipment and the supervision of our professional instructors.

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  • Hiking

    Although the highest peak in Bosnia is less than 2400 meters high, hiking in the Bosnian mountains will give you the opportunity to admire some very beautiful and special landscapes. From Herzegovinian cliffs to meadows and slopes of the Vlašić mountain, Extreme Sports Club Scorpio organizes various hiking trips. Especially interesting is the two-day hike on Čvrsnica, which takes place in September "via Ferratom" and allows us to admire the special autumn colors of this beautiful mountain. Another spectacular destination is the Prenj mountain range, also known as the Bosnian Himalayas with numerous peaks above 2000 meters and the possibility of hiking in a very wild and unique landscape. In Prenj and other mountains, SCORPIO organizes one-day or multi-day hiking trips.

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  • Ice Climbing

    Ice climbing is the activity of ascending inclined ice formations. Usually, ice climbing refers to roped and protected climbing of features such as icefalls, frozen waterfalls, and cliffs and rock slabs covered with ice refrozen from flows of water. In Bosnia, The frozen waterfall of Muhamed Hajdarević on Ljubovićki potok in Kaćuni near Busovača is the perfect destination for a Ice climbing trip. In january od 2020. it was performed again after the first iteration of championship rise of the club owner Edin Durmo and friend Miljko 25 years ago.

    Ice climbing 1 Ice climbing 2 Ice climbing 3 Ice climbing 4
  • Rock Climbing

    Drežnica Climbing Center is an ideal place due to the excellent quality of the rocks and the large number of routes, which, perfectly equipped, allow climbers to enjoy climbing completely safely. Climbing courses consist of theoretical knowledge of equipment and various techniques of climbing, descending and securing, as well as practical training on the rocks of Drežnica.

    Rock climbing 1 Rock climbing 2 Rock climbing 3 Rock climbing 4
  • Ski Touring

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has excellent ski touring grounds, which is a winter adventure of a lifetime. Prenj, Visocica, Cvrsnica, Bjelasnica are the names of the most important ski touring destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Glacier valleys, limestone peaks, long plateaus, hidden corridors, remote villages and untouched nature are the most characteristic features of Turkish skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Turkish skiing programs will take you to places that would otherwise be inaccessible during the winter and enjoy the beauty of the Bosnian mountains during the winter months. We usually start touring skiing at the beginning of December, with the first trips to get in shape, as the season progresses, the tours become longer and more demanding, until April and May when we usually reach the most serious peaks: Zelena Glava, Pločno, Osobac and others.

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  • Traditional Alpinism

    BiH has great potential for traditional alpine climbing, and our mountains Prenj and Čvrsnica stand out. Did you know that Čvrsnica mountain has a rock face 1,300 meters high? And it has some of the longest routes in the Balkans? Scorpio organises lead climbing on all the main big walls of BIH: Osobac (600 mt), Izgorjela Gruda (450 mt), Otiš (200 mt) and many others.

    Traditional Alpinism 1 Traditional Alpinism 2 Traditional Alpinism 3 Traditional Alpinism 4
  • Winter Alpinism

    Winter alpinism is not always synonymous with extreme conditions and difficulties, it is rather a more unique way to explore the world of the high mountains, away from the crowds of the summer season. Again with a lot of untouched places all around big and beautiful natural peaks of Prenj and Čvrsnica, it is unlike anything you have seen before.

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Climbing Centar Drežnica

In 1997, the SCORPIO club built the climbing center "Vrt ciklama" in Drežnica near Mostar. The center "Vrt ciklama" organizes some of the most important climbing activities and events in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The climbing area has more than 80 modern routes, perfectly equipped and secured. The lengths of the routes are from 5 to 40 meters and the difficulty ranges from II-III to VIII and higher.

Centar Smetovi

It is hard to imagine that an SCORPIO center is located only a 10 minute drive away from the industrial city of Zenica. Located in a unique position, the center is an ideal base for ski school and ski touring courses during the winter months. In the second part of the year, it is the starting point for mountain biking, hiking and paragliding school.