Team Building and Corporate Events

Scorpio and its team of instructors have a long experience in organising team building and corporate events. The mountains and nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina represent a perfect place for team building events: climbing and abseiling in Drežnica, exploring the Rakitnica canyon, hiking to the highest peaks on Prenj and Čvrsnica or venturing into Bijela canyon are unique opportunities for these types of activities....

Otherwise, if you prefer a more relaxed day, the SCORPIO Centre is the perfect place... climbing, zip line, tree adventure, easy hiking, mountain bike, plus the possibility for some quality time relaxing and enjoying in the nature, with bonfire and barbecue! 

  • Hiking to Čvrsnica Mountain
  • Canyoning in Mostarska Bijela
  • Paragliding course in Smetovi
  • Smetovi
  • Hiking to Visočica Mountain
  • Off - road trip
  • Rakitnica soft programme
  • Rakitnica
  • Ski touring to Vran Mountain