labour Safety 

Numerous companies, like BH Telecom, or Sector Security need to be able to operate on high grounds, like electric and TV aerials or industrial buildings where they require specialised training on the use of ropes, ascenders, belaying and rescuing devices. The same applies also to specialised units like the Civilian Protection Rescue Teams as well as to Special Military and Police Forces. SCORPIO has been providing assitance to all these organisations and it has developed dedicated training programs to suit the needs of each organisation. Amongst the main activities in this field, it is worth remembering:

- Training for the special rescue team operating inside Zenica's Arcelor Mittal Company, with a special focus on rescuing and evacuating injured workers. Part of the training took place at SCORPIO Centre in Smetovi, the second part inside the factory itself.

- Training for workers of the BH Telecom who operated on telecommunication pillars. The training covered individual equipment and tools as well as diagonal transportation of persons and material, including the evacuation of injured persons. 

- Training for members of the Rescue Team of the Civilian Protection of Jajce, focussing on belaying and rescuing injured persons. This training took place at SCORPIO  Centre in Smetovi.

- Examining and certifying the FBIH Special Police as registered mountaineers. SCORPIO's instructors have been part of the commissions which certified the mountaineering and rescuing skills of the FBIH Special Police, both in rock climbing as well as in ski touring and winter climbing. 

  • Training for BH Telecom
  • Training for BH Telecom
  • Training for Arcelor Mittal Company
  • Training for rescue and evacuation
  • Training on Adrenaline tower in Smetovi
  • Special training with resquing devices
  • Recquing training in Smetovi centre
  • Training for Arcelor Mital Company
  • Training for Arcelor Mital Company