Hiking in the Neretva Valley

This hiking holiday will allow us to hike on the most beautiful Bosnian mountains and admire the beauty and wilderness of the Bosnian nature. We will combine our hikes with visits to the most interesting Bosnian cities like Sarajevo and Mostar. 

This is an outline of the programme:

  1. Day - Arrival in Sarajevo
  2. Day - Visit to Sarajevo
  3. Day - Hiking to Visočica peak: this unique hike combines the ascent of the highest peak of Visočica which offers a magnificent view on the destinations for the next days.
  4. Day - Hiking to Zelena Glava, Prenj. It is one of the main destinations of the trip. Prenj is nicknamed Bosnian Himalaya and Zelena Glava its highest peak: we will hike through three glacial valleys in a unique environment.
  5. Day - Hike to the mouth of Rakitnica river. A relaxing hike to the mouth of Rakitnica, a unique river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As an alternative rafting is also possible.
  6. Day - City break in Mostar and the nearby archaelogical sites.
  7. Day - Hiking to the canyon of Bijela. A rewarding hike in the nature of Herzegovina, to a secret canyon and an hidden waterfall. 
  8. Day - Return to Sarajevo and departure.

 For the most adventurous, the holiday can be extended by 4 days adding one rafting day and three hiking days with two overnight bivouacs in tents or mountain huts on Prenj and Čvrsnica mountains. 

General Notes: 
Groups are welcome. Please contact us in advance to agree on dates, and modalities, Arr. A Minimum of 4 participants is necessary. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for a quote and more information