Adventures in Herzegovina

Scorpio organises multi activity holidays to share with its guests the best of the nature of the country, while not overlooking the cultural part. During our programmes we will take you to wild mountain areas, unexplored canyons and you will really feel the taste of adventure  under the guidance of Scorpio's qualified mountaineering instructors. 
This is our programme:

Day 1 - Arrival in Sarajevo
Day 2 - Visiting Sarajevo
Day 3 - Hike to Prenj, the Bosnian Himalaya, reaching its highest peak
Day 4 - Canyoning in Rakitnica, a unique dimension made of rock and water
Day 5 - Rock climbing and swimming in Drežnica, the most beautiful climbing area in BIH
Day 6 - Visiting Mostar and nearby attractions
Day 7 - Hiking and canyoning in Mostarska Bijela... a canyon which we explored for the first time in 2002 by Scorpio
Day 8 - Return to Sarajevo

This is just an example: we are very flexible and happy to include other activities, like mountain biking, rafting, cultural hiking or even paragliding. 
And after each day of activity, we will discover the tastes and hospitality of Bosnian people....

General Notes: 

Groups are welcome. Please contact us In Advance to Check the details or adjust the programme to your needs.

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