Active Holidays

Bosnia and Herzegovina and the charme of its nature and cities! Come and discover the stunning nature of BiH and the history and culture of its cities.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a tourist destination... every year many tourists come and visit Sarajevo and Mostar. But why not to combine these visits with some real adventure in the nature? SCORPIO have the guides for that.

We propose adventure holidays with two city breaks in Sarajevo and Mostar. During the summer we organise hiking as well as mutli activity holidays (hiking, canyoning, rafting, climbing)... at the discovery of the most secret and beautiful places of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the winter, skis and skins are our preferred means of transport... ski touring! You will be a privileged guest on Bosnian mountains.

  • SCORPIO Center in Smetovi
  • Mostar
  • Rock Climbing in Drežnica
  • Canyoning in Mostarska Bijela
  • Čvrsnica
  • Ski touring on Veliki Osobac, Prenj