Cyclamen Garden Climbing Centre in Drežnica

Situated in Drežnica, near Mostar, the Sport Climbing Center "Cyclamen Garden" was created by SCORPIO in 1997, together with Roberto Ferrante, our great italian friend, who at the time was serving in the Nato mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the course of the years, many more climbers have added new routes and at the end of 2011, thanks to the help OXFAM Italia, the whole centre  was equipped with new belays and new bolts.

The centre is equipped with more than 80 modern climbing routes perfectly bolted. The length of the routes ranges from 5 meters to 40 meters and there are a few multi-pitch routes. Routes are suited for both beginners and experience climbers, a few routes are still in the project phase and haven't yet been freed.

It is the venue for all the most important courses and rock climbing competitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Placed at the bottom of the routes, the Drežnica camping site enjoys a magnificent view on the Neretva and Drežanjka rivers.

The place is ideal for camping and it is provided with water and WC. Please check in with the owner before camping there.

Download a topo of the routes