Outdoors life and mountaineering are great experiences to share with pupis and students. SCORPIO has developed a series of programs aimed at raising the ecological awareness of young people while at the same time developing their physical skills.

Through these programs, young guests are taught how to behave and live in harmony with the nature: they learn how to set up a tent, how to start and put off a fire, how to orientate themselves in the forest and all the necessary skills to enjoy nature safely and in full respect for it.

At the same time, they learn how the nature can be an excellent playground where they can develop their pshycho-motor and acrobatic skills. Most programs take place at SCORPIO Centre in Smetovi, which is the ideal place for these activities, but SCORPIO organises these activities also in other locations, like the outdoor camp that SCORPIO organises every year for the Zenica Boy Scouts at Boračko Jezero.