Our voluntary work

The future of BIH lies with its youth. Young people in BIH grow up in a very difficult environment marked by a constant lack of attention and opportunities for them. The Extreme Sports Club SCORPIO is aware of this condition and dedicates part of its activities to the formation and training of new generations of climbers and sport lovers.

This is a unique opportunity that the club offers to its younger members. The Sports Centre in Smetovi and the Climbing Centre in Drežnica are the perfect venue for these activities. Children regularly go climbing, mountain biking, paragliding or simply hiking in Smetovi and Drežnica and for the youngest ones, the houses on the trees, the hideouts in the woods and the Tibetan bridges of Smetovi are the ideal way of escaping the cities….

Besides its Centre, SCORPIO has been supporting the boy scouts of Zenica... every summer, SCORPIO  organises a free programme for the boy scouts at their summer camp around Boračko Jezero. It is the chance to explain the beauty of the nearby mountains to the boy scouts, as well as to introduce them to mountaineering skills and to the special nature of Rakitnica river. SCORPIO combines both technical training and education to the nature in a unique and spectacular programme, made of zip line, abseiling, swimming, hiking.... 

These activities aims at offering to the young people of BIH the chance of living in full harmony with the nature. This is SCORPIO's commitment in shaping the new generations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.