Alpinism and sport climbing instructor. He is the founder and director of SCORPIO.

All of his knowledge and experience is a combination of more than 35 years of mountaineering and other sports in the nature. 

Outside Bosnia and Herzegovina, he has gathered significant international experience: his international CV comprehends the European Alps (he climbed Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, a few peaks in the Dolomites, Matterhorn solo at the age of 16), the Caucasus, Tian Shan (with an ascent to the Han Tengri), Pamir, the Silk Road, Tibet and Himalaya with several ascents above 6,000 meters, Rocky Mountains and the Canyon of Colorado river in the United States.  

In Bosnia and Herzegovina he introduced sport climbing and became one of the leading climbers of his generation. In his 35 year career he climbed around 2000 routes, including some big wall routes like the 1,000 cliff of Veliki Kuk on Cvrsnica mountain. He opened around 200 new routes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, both trad and sports routes, and he created the first, most important sport climbing areas in BIH: Dariva in Sarajevo, Hum in Mostar, Tijesno in Banja Luka, Dreznica near Mostar, Romanija, Srebrenik…

After the conflict in BiH, he dedicated himself to teaching mountaineering and sports in the nature to the new generations. At the same time he has become a promoter of adventure tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, creating and developing summer and winter holiday programmes (hiking, canyoning, rock climbing, ski touring…).

Besides his "active" involvement he has also published numerous climbing books and magazines, like "Izazov" and the "Climbing guide to BIH".

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