Our publications

With the intention of promoting and protecting the nature of BIH, especially amongst the Bosnian public, the Extreme Sports Club SCORPIO in the past produced the magazine “Izazov”, (The challenge), which was published regularly until a few years. 

More recently, on a regular basis, SCORPIO has been publishing its own thematic calendars...It started in 2004 with  “Save the Nature of BIH”, in 2005 “… and this is Bosnia too!” “Canyons, The Guardians of Time” and so on until these last years. All the calendars have met a very large success with thousands of copies sold in Bosnia and abroad.

However, the most significant publishing activity of SCORPIO has been the two books: "ABC of Sports Climbing", an introduction for sport climbers and the beauty of this activity and the climbing guide "Penjacki Vodic u BIH", published in the year 2000 to date the only climbing guide in BIH.

SCORPIO has prepared a lot of material, including GPS data for future guides in this field. It is currently seeking support for further editorial efforts in this field.