Introducing the Extreme Sports Club Scorpio

Scorpio is an outdoors and adventure company with more than 30 years of experience in exploring the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. Our vision is to apply esthetics to extreme sports, to combine fun and adventure in the wilderness of the Bosnian nature. We propose a unique combination of sports in the nature: rock climbing, mountain bike, paragliding, tree adventure, canyoning, hiking, ski touring, ice climbing…. 

We will be happy to take you to the discovery of the untouched beauty of the Bosnian nature, with your feet, a mountain bike, your skis.....With us you will discover places and landscapes that you would never expect: a true sample of Balkan exotism. Ours is a continuous commitment to develop sport and tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, preserving the special beauty of the country and promoting its responsible development.


Our commitment to the young generations

We have undertaken an ongoing effort to promote sports amongst the youngest generations and to educate them to respect the environment. Scorpio dedicates parts of its time to train the new generation of BIH mountaineers and to educate them to love and respect the nature. Its training center in Smetovi is the ideal training ground and it represents one of the main assets of Scorpio. The young generations of the Scorpio Club represent our future and we want them to grow up respecting the same values we believe in.

Why Scorpio?

Edin Durmo, the founder of Scorpio, was born in November.... and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. 

Meet Scorpio team

  • Edin
  • Jure
  • Massimo
  • Ernad
  • Igor
  • Erkam
  • Miloš
  • Adnan